'Walking The Dog'
'Walking The Dog'
'Walking The Dog'
'Walking The Dog'

'Walking The Dog'

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I love that this collection features another dog.

Walking the dog is the only time you can be in your own company, yet not alone. They don’t care where you’re going or what else is happening; they only care that you‘re there, and that you took them with you.

“Happiness is a long walk with your dog”.

-somebody on the internet

Artwork Measurements

Small (A3) Total Frame Size: 300 x 420mm, Printed Area: 260 x 380mm.

Medium (A2) Total Frame Size: 420 x 600mm, Printed Area: 360 x 540mm

Large (A1) Total Frame Size: 600 x 840 mm, Printed Area: 520 x 760mm

X-Large (A0) Total Frame Size: 840 x 1190 mm, Printed Area: 740 x 1090 mm