'The Big Blue'
'The Big Blue'
'The Big Blue'
'The Big Blue'

'The Big Blue'

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When there’s nobody else around, it feels as if the ocean and sky are yours for a moment.

That’s because they are…

The Big Blue was the film that sparked my love for the ocean as a child and this image was the catalyst for the ‘Finding Space’ Project, and naturally needed to be big, as is the heart of its new owner…

“It’s much better down there” – Enzo

Artwork Measurements

Small (A3) Total Frame Size: 300 x 420mm, Printed Area: 260 x 380mm.

Medium (A2) Total Frame Size: 420 x 600mm, Printed Area: 360 x 540mm

Large (A1) Total Frame Size: 600 x 840 mm, Printed Area: 520 x 760mm

X-Large (A0) Total Frame Size: 840 x 1190 mm, Printed Area: 740 x 1090 mm