'Bold & Beautiful'
'Bold & Beautiful'
'Bold & Beautiful'
'Bold & Beautiful'

'Bold & Beautiful'

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The ocean is very much alive and full of energy.

I try to borrow a little everyday.

I’ve had the privilege of swimming with the Bold & Beautiful for 4 years now and have documented many swims, but none capture the light, exhilaration or the freedom of setting out at dawn the way this photograph does.

The waves of the sea help me get back to me.”

-Jill Davis


Artwork Measurements

Small (A3) Total Frame Size: 300 x 420mm, Printed Area: 260 x 380mm.

Medium (A2) Total Frame Size: 420 x 600mm, Printed Area: 360 x 540mm

Large (A1) Total Frame Size: 600 x 840 mm, Printed Area: 520 x 760mm

X-Large (A0) Total Frame Size: 840 x 1190 mm, Printed Area: 740 x 1090 mm